Five Stress Reducing Activities you can do in 5 Minutes!

Stress is a natural feeling of inability to deal with specific demands and events. However, if a person does not take steps to manage their stress, it can become a chronic condition.

To put it mildly, we are living in unprecedented times. People around the world – are working around the clock to stop the spread of the coronavirus and care for the sick. This is so we can return to our normal routines. It’s difficult not to become overwhelmed by all of the uncertainty and unknowns in the midst of it all.

An important first step in this stress relief plan is to have one or two quick stress relief strategies that can help you relax your physiology or de-stress your mind, reverse your body’s stress response, and avoid the negative effects of chronic stress.

Here are a few Stress Reducing Activities you can do in 5 Minutes!

Reset For Five minutes Every Hour

Setting an alarm on your phone every hour is one way to manage stress during the workday. According to Katherine Bihlmeier, a life coach who specializes in mental health, this is your reminder to stand up from your work, take a deep breath, and focus on yourself. “It prevents you from getting caught up in the stress cycle, trying to be available for everyone and eventually feeling completely exhausted.”

Breathing Exercises

For good reason, stress relief breathing is one of the most popular ways to calm down quickly: breathing exercises can be done by anyone, at any time, with little training, and at no cost! Breathing exercises can also be combined with other stress-relieving techniques (such as guided imagery or meditation) to maximize their effectiveness and ease of use.

One cycle of 4-7-8 breathing :

  • Exhale with a whooshing sound through your mouth after slightly parting your lips.
  • Close your lips and silently inhale through your nose. In your head, count to four.
  • For 7 seconds, hold your breath.
  • Exhale for 8 seconds (with a whoosh sound).
  • Practice this mindlessly to relax your brain.
  • Repeat this cycle for four complete breaths.

Have a Good Laugh

Keeping a sense of humor can help to relieve stress in a variety of ways. First, there are specific benefits to laughter that can help you relieve stress and even live a healthier life. Laughter also brings people together, and social support is beneficial for stress relief. 8 In addition, it’s difficult to be stressed when you’re laughing. Maintaining a sense of humor also reminds us that our stressors may not be as dangerous as they appear and that they may also have solutions. Because of these factors, laughing in the face of stress can help you feel better in minutes.

Stretch at your desk

It is critical to take breaks at work, even if you are in a hurry to complete your task. If you are unable to leave your desk, you can stretch while sitting for five minutes without interruption. Stretching can also help with discomfort and work-related pain or injuries, according to a recent study. The upper body and arm stretch is the most basic stretch you can do. To do this:

  • Clasp your hands together and push up, palms facing the sky.
  • Stretch for 10 seconds and hold the pose.
  • Twist your torso to the left and right for 30 seconds, then repeat.

Talk it out or reach out to friends

Social support is an extremely effective stress-relieving strategy. As you discuss your problems, ask a friend or coworker to act as a sounding board.

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When you’re in a stressful situation, you may find yourself looking for a problem or a connection when there isn’t one. An outsider’s perspective may assist you in seeing this more clearly. If you do contact a friend, be sure to express your thanks and return the favor when they ask!

Final thoughts – 

Stress is a sneaky thing in these turbulent times. It can curl up inside you and grow like a Chia Pet until the sprouts get out of hand. Stress can cause physical symptoms such as temporary hives, one-day headaches, or long-term weight gain. 

But forget not, we all are together in this. Let’s fight it as a team. 

Follow these tips and stay healthy and safe. 

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