15 Amazing Places To Visit Near Kerala in 2022 That Offer The Perfect Getaway

Places To Visit Near Kerala often known as God’s Own Country offers a number of stunning tourist attractions that draw visitors from all over the world to Kerala’s greatest tourist attractions. Hill stations, backwaters, commercial cities, hamlets, and much more are all worth visiting. Crowds go to Kerala for its rich culture and legacy, as well as some of the top spots to visit in the state.

Everything else becomes insignificant once you get into this magnificent sanctuary. In terms of attractiveness, most metro cities pale in contrast to Kerala.

Here are some of the best tourist places in Kerala that should be on your travel itinerary for family vacations, romantic getaways, and honeymoons.

1. Wayanad 

Wayanad, a laid-back region famed for its excellent weather all year, is undoubtedly one of Kerala’s top tourist destinations.

This, where the sky is dominated by misty mountains and the land is covered in lush green spice estates and dense woods, you may experience nature in its purest form. Wayanad also has a number of national parks, reserve areas, and sanctuaries worth visiting due to its natural beauty.


2. Kumarakom

Kumarakom, located near Vembanad Lake, is a quiet little hamlet with appealing scenery, year-round nice weather, and diverse flora and wildlife, making it one of Kerala’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Backwaters, authentic Kerala cuisine, ultra-fresh air, the warmth of Keralites, and delightfully fresh coconuts are all on offer here. There is plenty to do, including boating, cruising, staying on a Kumarakom houseboat, and fishing.

3. Alleppey

It is a dreamlike location known as the Venice of the East for its magnificent backwaters and is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

It is a natural wonder noted for its tranquil houseboat stays, lush green surrounds, dense trees, and laid-back atmosphere. It’s also for its coir business and for hosting a number of races.

4. Thekkady

Thekkady is heaven concealed in thick woods and natural greenery, which is why it is one of Kerala’s top forest tourism destinations. You can observe animals that are virtually extinct, such as tigers and sambars, gaurs, and lion-tailed macaques.

Elephants, lions, deers, bison, boars, and Great Indian tigers are also present. Thekkady is probably the most popular tourist destination in Kerala, with immense natural beauty and unusual animals. It is one of the most romantic destinations in Kerala.

5. Kerala backwater

Kavvayi Backwaters Island should go on your bucket list if you want to experience the true beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. The Kavvayi Backwaters island is formed at the confluence of River Kavvayi and its tributaries Kuppithodu, Konkol, and Kuningan.

It is Kerala’s third-largest backwater and one of the most attractive sites to visit. And the Kavvayi Backwaters, also known as Kavvayi Kayal, offer houseboat cruises in and around the islands.

6. Kovalam

Kovalam, which is recognized for its abundant beauty and tranquil beaches, is at the top of our list of best tourist places in Kerala. It also houses some of India’s finest hotels, as well as beach resorts recognized for providing the greatest ayurvedic treatments and spa massages.

Enjoy breathtaking sunset views from Kovalam’s gorgeous beaches or take part in adventurous excursions. A variety of Hindu temples can also be located here, in addition to the tranquil beaches.

7. Vagamon

If you’re looking for peaceful places to visit in Kerala. There is an enchanting hill station called Vagamon which is hidden from all the hoopla. Because Adorned with magical meadows and mystical gardens, beautiful dales, aromatic tea plantations.

And misty valleys, Vagamon hills have surely earned their place among the best tourist places in Kerala. The fresh air and perfectly manicured gardens of Vagamon are a breath of fresh air.

8.  Kozhikode

Kozhikode, one of Kerala’s most well-known destinations and best tourist places in Kerala, is a lovely location with a fascinating history as the site of Vasco Da Gama’s first landing in India. There are major cultural and gastronomic influences in the area.

The historical sites, museums, and educational institutions included here provide a wealth of information about the country’s history and British control.

9. Kochi

Kochi, on India’s southwest coast, is noted for its strategic and industrial importance in international trade, having been constructed by the British Raj in India.

It has been a major port and the beginning point for discovering and Kerala’s diversity and beauty since the 19th century. It is surrounded by Munnar, a hill station that has been ranked among the top three tourist attractions in the world. Tourists can sail through Kerala’s backwaters on waterways that run through streams and lagoons in Kochi.

10. Bekal

Bekal is widely known for its historic Bekal Fort, which is considered one of Kerala’s greatest tourist attractions. Because Many Indian films, such as Rang De Basanti, are shot on the grounds of the fort.

The sea breeze in your hair, the lovely weather, and excellent company are all important ingredients for a wonderful time in Bekal. Bekal is one of the top three honeymoon destinations in South India due to its exotic beauty and tranquility.

11. Kuttanad

Kuttanad is around the world as God’s own land because it is one of Kerala’s most beautiful destinations to visit. Discovering the backwaters of Kuttanad, which encompass significant areas of Alleppey, is one of the numerous things to do in India.

It is recognized as India’s rice bowl, the Famous dish of Kerala, and is home to some of the country’s most beautiful rivers, including the Pampi, Meenachil, Achankovil, and Manimala Rivers.

12. Varkala

It is one of Kerala’s most beautiful seaside towns. Thousands of tourists and water-sports enthusiasts go to the beach each year, drawn by the alluring shoreline with cliffs on one side and lush flora on the other. It is well-known for beach activities like boating, surfing, parasailing, jetting, and horseback riding.

A strange environment is a creat by the hues of colorful beams. You can add a touch of luxury by staying at one of Kerala’s most luxurious beach resorts in Varkala.

13. Kasargod

Kasargod is one of Kerala’s most beautiful local coastal towns, known for its natural beauty, religion, culture, and grace. Grand forts, steep hills, picturesque backwaters, temples, luxurious resorts, and immaculate beaches are just a few of the most breathtaking sights to see. The best month to visit Kerala with family is October to February.

14. Kannur

Originally Cannanore is another beautiful city to visit in Kerala, famed for its weaving industries.

Feel the allure of this lovely colonial town on Kerala’s northeastern coast and with its sun-kissed beaches, luxuriant cashew farms, old temples, magnificent monuments, and British and Dutch-style architecture.

15. Anamudi Peak

The Anamudi Peak, Kerala’s crown jewel, is India’s tallest mountain top, surrounded by lush vegetation and fauna. Elephants, endangered Guard, unique Nilgiri Langurs, and lion-tailed macaques all live there in considerable numbers.it is one of the best places to visit in Kerala in 2022.

Tourists from all over the world flock to see this magnificent location. It’s a slice of heaven on Earth, with coniferous woods and some of the world’s most magnificent rivers running through it.

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