Most Profitable Food Business Ideas You Should Start in 2021

Are you observant of profitable food business ideas that can be started with a small investment from your home or on a small scale? Here we have the latest list of the most profitable and trending food business opportunities for your prepared reference which you should include in food business name ideas.

Latest Food Business Ideas

Food Business Ideas
Food Business Ideas

1. Food Business Ideas Home Bakery: 

This business idea is very common and needs less investment. All you require is good recipes, a baking oven, and molds. With trending social media and you can take your small home bakery to another level in minimum time. Many joint companies provide orders to such small businesses. If you can get such deals then you can make sufficient returns in this food business. 

2.Cooking Classes:

 Do you often catch people complimenting you for the food you cook and you have some amazing recipes?  start with then you can start your own cooking classes. This is the best for people who are looking for home-based food businesses. It comes in food business name ideas.


3.Food Blogging: 

This is obvious for people who are big foodies and carry good writing and photography ability. With these innovative ideas for the food business, food bloggers in India can simply earn Rs 25000 – 100000 per month. 

4.Pickle Making: 

The different food business ideas in which pickles market are in high demand internationally. You have to expand some special recipes. Pickles have a big market and can be made use of to start a cost-effective business. 

5.Organic Food Shop: 

Producing organic food is the USP for your  business idea and can help you earn an enormous amount of money. More and more people want to be fit these days. You can open a shop that provides only organic food & products. 

6.Organic Farming: 

Ideas related with food businessess

Nowadays it is the best-suited food-based business idea among people in a large number moving towards organic vegetables. So if you are interested in farming and if you already have a piece of land. Then just start your own organic farming business. 

7.Canning service: 

Canning is the method of protecting food in which the food contents are processed and secure in an airtight container. It assists in increasing one’s life. It also dives into the category of food business ideas with low investment. You can either give a service for canning the food that people want to start your brand of canned food material.  

8.Dairy Products business:

 Basically in  a country like India it is the Most Profitable food Business Ideas in 2021. Dairy products like curd, lassi, buttermilk, paneer etc., will always be in demand. You can either take a franchise of some popular company like Amul but, since that might need a huge amount of money, make your own products and start selling them. 

9.Ginger Garlic paste making units: 

Ginger garlic paste is the basic ingredient which is used in the bulk of Indian dishes. As we all know  there is competition, this business has a vast market opening.  

10.Herb farming: 

In various Indian households,  herbs are used regularly. Generally used herbs are Aloevera, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, etc. Hence, farming herbs on a good scale can earn you a great amount of money.

11.Chocolate Making:

Chocolate is another food business product that is taken all around the year. You can make homemade chocolates from home with minimum investment. If you have enough money to invest, you can also build a small-scale unit and sell it to a larger market.

 12.Flour Mill:

Flour mill or Atta Chaki is a money making business in our country. However, apart from wheat flour, you can produce different products like Sattu, Gram Flour (Besan), Rawa (Suji), etc. These products have sufficient domestic demand. Including, there are export potentials also. Crafting a proper business plan is the most important thing in starting this type of business.

13.Coconut oil manufacturing:

coconut oil is not only a cooking oil rather it is also used in different cosmetics available in the market ie food business name ideas. This needs a large setup that would also call for great capital but after it has been established then this proves to be very profitable.

14.Ice block Manufacturing: 

Ice is required for various objectives such as keeping the fishes fresh. This is a simple business idea which can be started with least investment. 

15.Banana Wafer Making:

Banana wafer not only has a huge demand in the domestic market but has high export potential demand. This is also a nice business idea. You can start with a normal budget. It will benefit you in the long run.

16.Local restaurant Guide:

 If you think you have visited all the restaurants of your city and then you can create a guide for others. You can start your website or simple Instagram page is also a good idea, through which you can give people to get to know about the present different discounts and offers on different restaurants around you and you can earn  commission from the restaurants. 

 17.Potato Chip Making:

Nowadays, various kinds of potato chips are available in the market. People from every age group like to have chips. The process is simple for potato chip manufacturing. You can try it. Initially, you can initiate with one flavor and taste. In this business, it is mandatory to have an FSSAI license from the Government authority.

 18.Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturing:

The demand for packaged drinking water has grown hugely in recent years. If you have reasonable money to invest, consider starting a packaged drinking water unit on a small scale.

19.International Food Retail:

Best food business ideas

 A store that can give all the international foods and their ingredients can prove to be one of the most profitable & novel business ideas. It is one of the low investment food business ideas.


Various food businesses include the one who is a good planner and has good management skills. This business is useful because the service is provided in a short time period and money can be collected directly. 

How to Start a Food Business in India?

Ideas related with food businessess and how to start it
Ideas related with food businessess and how to start it

The first thing after choosing which kind of food business to initiate is to register the business in which the company will run. If you are starting with a low budget or a one-person company.

GST registration is important now to run a business in India. Including, you need to have a PAN, FSSAI license, shop and establishment license, professional tax, and no-objection certificate(NOC) from nearest neighbors.

We wish the list mentioned above regarding food business ideas will motivate you in starting your own journey in the food industry.

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