Utsav fashion: Online shopping for wedding bridal sarees, designer sarees, and lehengas.

It’s 2021 and the world has taken a huge shift in online shopping in the fashion department, new dresses,  styling differently.

The new design coming every now and then are the reason online shopping sites are soaring higher than ever before.  

There are many top eCommerce sites for women’s clothes nowadays, but today we are here to share with you one of the leading Online shopping sites “Utsav fashion”. Known for the best ethnic wear, traditional sarees, lehengas and so much more. 

In 2000, the journey of Utsav Fashion began in Jaipur, India, with the launch of his first shop. Three years later, Utsav Fashion hasn’t looked back since the online shop was born. Today, the online shop offers a wide range of genuine and trendy ethnic modes from sarees, kameez, lehengas and contemporary Indo Westerns to a wide range of accessories.

The vision of Utsav Fashion is to offer the best shopping experience online and to take the best Indian ethnic fashion around the world. Utsav Fashion, the global leader in online Indian ethnic fashion and bridal lehenga, presented a rich array of hand woven, hand-dyed, hand-stitched, hand-dressed and handmade products to the world.

Let’s take a look at Utsav fashion’s range of bestseller sarees, lehengas etc. 

1)Patola sarees for online shopping

patola sarees
patola sarees

Patan, Gujarat. These designer sarees for wedding parties online are extremely amazing thanks to their finesse and the complex weaving technique used. That is why only wealthy traders and noblewomen could afford them. These patola sarees are great for wedding bridal sarees. The real saree Patola, depending on design and pattern, takes anything from 6 months to 2 years to weaving. The Salvi family in Patan, who are the only producers of the authentic Patola sari, are still using this old craft. Online shop in Utsav fashion, you can find a great collection of patola sarees.

2) Utsav online Chiffon saree

Chiffon saree
Chiffon saree

Chiffon is the ideal choice in the pulsating summer, a light, airy and translucent textile. This texture is made of very thin, tightly twisted yarns. One of the most famous products of this fabric is a chiffon saree. These Designer sarees are unparalleled in elegance in the draping of a good chiffon saree Buy the Latest Indian Sarees. The fabric itself has become synonymous with summer wear, having gained great popularity in recent years. Take the latest chiffon saree from Utsav fashion’s Indian online store

3)fish cut lehenga choli

fish cut lehenga choli

Indian costumes, which have a beautiful silhouette and vibrant appearance worldwide. It is a blouse, a skirt, and often worn with a fluid scarf or dupatta. There are a variety of new and trendy designer cuts inspired by western fashions in lehenga choli. One of the trendy garments is the fish-sliced lehenga choli, where the skirt is well-positioned until the knees, then circularly shattered. Utsav app presents some of the best collections of fish cut and mermaid cut lehengas. 

4)Embroidered Net Front Slit Abaya Style Suit

Embroidered Net Front Slit Abaya Style Suit
Embroidered Net Front Slit Abaya Style Suit

Showcasing a front slit style in a net designed with heavy cord brotherhood and reinforced with stone adornment. Together with the same satin pant, and the laced dupatta chiffon, both of them in the beige match. The untapped kameez can take up to 48″ and can be adapted to the maximum kameez length up to 60″. Get yours exclusively on Utsav fashion.


5)Ghagra choli online available

Ghagra choli
Ghagra choli

The traditional Indian Outfit Ghagra Choli is used in countries such as Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat extensively in the northern region of India. For many centuries Ghagra cholis have been the staple outfit of women in the Indian subcontinent before the invasion of the Mughal women of all ages. This unique Indian clothing has also been included in the top fashion collections and there are many new Ghagra Choli designs on Utsav fashion that are more modern and add some contemporary glamor to the ethnic outfit. 

6)Hand Block Printed Cotton Tunic with Skirt

Hand Block Printed Cotton Tunic with Skirt
Hand Block Printed Cotton Tunic with Skirt

Even in the history of the Indian mode industry, the art of creating block prints was a requirement. Somewhere as early as 3000 BC the hand block technique had been developed. History brings us knowledge of art as the tradition of Mesopotamia’s civilization. The graved designs on the coins used at the time are architectural examples of block printing at the time. Fusing the block with the Indo western is also super unique and convenient. Get this super combo in Utsav fashion. 

These are just a few top picks from Utsav Fashion, but hey,  there are a lot more to explore on Utsav online shopping site. 

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