10 Best Amazon Prime Movies That Are Worth Your Subscription

Movies on Amazon Prime Videos that are lavish and contain all the flavors to make your precious time worthwhile. Here’s a collection of great tunes that have captivated audiences for decades the Best Amazon Prime Movies. Some films tell the truth, while others remain obscure and unnoticed Hindi comedy movies on amazon prime.



When Amrita Sandhu’s husband, Vikram Sabharwal, punches her in the face in front of everyone at a party, he refuses to take responsibility, and her guests tell her to “move on.” However, Amrita, who is scared, interprets this as a hint that she should leave and defend herself. The result is a tumultuous divorce and a fight over the custody of her unborn kid. You will need an Amazon Prime subscription, cause you may want to watch this movie over and over again.

2. Tumbaad


A treasure search might quickly turn into a puzzling and dangerous situation. Tumbaad was a film that was flawlessly executed and had gone to great lengths to assure its success. Unfortunately, the film was not well received in theatres. But it’s thanks to the OTT platform and Amazon Prime subscription that films like Tumbaad are now getting their due.


3. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is based on a true tale and is based on the successful West End production of the same name. It follows Jamie New (Max Harwood), a teenager with dreams of becoming a drag queen who wants to attend prom in drag despite objections from his school. Hugo, AKA Loco Chanel (Richard E. Grant), his best buddy Pritti (Lauren Patel), and his loving mother Margaret assist him along the way. Watch it on  Amazon Prime Movies.

4. Dum Laga ki Haisha 

Dum Laga ki Haisha 

A man is dissatisfied with his life since his wife is overweight. Dum Laga Ki Haisha is a great romance drama to watch if nothing else fascinating is on the horizon. A sweet and charming notion in which a husband is unhappy with his marriage; nevertheless, he subsequently realizes that a girl should not be judged by her appearance but rather by her heart.

5. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety 

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety 

What will a friend do if he has to choose between his real love and a true friend? Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is about the love of a true friend with whom you cannot compromise your love for the love of your life. A nice movie with some good comedy parts and a song about friendship near the end of this Amazon Prime Movie will undoubtedly offer you all the reasons to enjoy this lovely and well-made film about friendship.

6. The Host

The Host

Bong Joon Ho (“Parasite”), the Oscar winner for “The Host,” starts up where “Godzilla” left off in this brilliantly subversive play on urban monster-movie conventions: His mutant marine creature is the result of the local government’s and the American military’s irresponsibility. Bong is also fascinated by the interpersonal dynamics at work, particularly how the dysfunctional family at the center of the story rallies together for a shared goal.

7. Section 375 

Section 375 

An overlooked film with superb acting from Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chadda in a courtroom confrontation. Evidence has a critical part in the court of justice, according to this film. An innocent person can be a victim of a crime even if there is no evidence. A fantastic story that will have you engrossed till the very end.

8. Karwaan

Amazon prime movies

When our loved ones are with us, we do not value them, but when they are gone forever, we do. We then admire their soul for still being alive while we are still alive. Karwaan was an epic drama film starring the late Irfan Khan and Dulquer Salmaan, as well as Mithila Parker, who played Mithila Parker in the Little Things.

9. All about my mother 

All about my mother

One of the  Best Movies on Amazon Prime is Pedro Almodóvar’s “passionate, insightful, and deeply felt” drama won the Oscar for the best foreign-language picture, and rightly so: it’s one of his best and funniest films, a love letter to the theatre and people who inhabit it. Following Manuela, an actress-turned-nurse (Cecilia Roth), as the loss of her son leads her on a heart-wrenching (and occasionally gut-busting) trip into her colorful past, Almodóvar tells a drama with enough buried secrets and stunning turns to evoke Douglas Sirk and Tennessee Williams. Penélope Cruz also appears in the film.

10. Blackfriday 


Anurag Kashyap’s direction Black Friday is one of the most divisive films of all time, and it was banned in India for a long period but you can watch it on Amazon Prime. The Bomb Blast, which occurred in the late 1990s, was the topic of the film. The manner in which the bombing was organized, as well as the consequences of the Blast, were both shocking and unsettling. Blackfriday is a must-see Hindi movie on Amazon Prime if you’re looking for something to blow your mind.

Final thoughts – Get an Amazon Prime subscription, and enjoy plenty of movies.

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